Queens at Banquet

2016 Queen of the Furrow GalaMiss Friendship

Presented by Ontario Mutual Insurance Association

Throughout the week of IPM 2016, the 26 local county Queen of the Furrows participated in numerous activities and events and toured much of the Wellington County. The Queens are judged based on their performance in: Plowing Ability, Appearance & Deportment, an Interview and a Speech.

At the Queen of the Furrow Gala Banquet on Thursday, September 22, Anita Rastapkevicius from Elgin County was crowned the 2016-2017 Queen of the Furrow.

First Runner Up was Valerie Stone of Brant-Six Nations and Second Runner Up was Cassidy Reaney of Ottawa-Carleton. Two other finalists were Hailey Jung of Perth County and Meghan Taylor of Northumberland.
These young ladies will continue to contribute their time over the course of the next year along with the other county Queens representing and educating BMO Scholarshiptheir communities in regards to farming, agriculture, business and volunteerism with the OPA.

There are a number of special awards offered as part of the Queen of the Furrow program.

- BMO Bank of Montreal donates two scholarships to the participating Queens – the scholarships are chosen randomly and the winners were Erin Rieck of Oxford-Blenhiem and Alyssa Waldroff of Stromont County.
- Miss Friendship was presented to Emma Anger of Essex County.

The top five Queen of the Furrow contest plowers were honoured with a $100 scholarship from the OPA. This years top plowers were:
- 1st – Valerie Stone of Brant-Six Nations
- 2nd – Erin Rieck of Oxford-Blenhiem
- 3rd – Jennifer Betzner of Haldimand OneidaTop 5 Queen Plowers
- Tied for 4th – Aleta Alblas of North Wentworth
- Tied for 4th – Alyssa Waldroff of Stormont County

Congratulations from IPM 2017 and OPA is extended to all the competitors. And thank you to all of the program Organizers, Judges, and Sponsors.

A Special Thank You to the outgoing Queen: Kathryn Chant, Queen of the Furrow 2015-2016, from OPA Directors and Staff, as well as the Executive of IPM.

Queen of the Furrow Banquet 2016 Photo Gallery

   Queen of the Furrow Finalists  OMIA Rep and Ontario Queen