2016 Local Branch Plowing Matches               

Please check back in late Spring 2017 for Local Branch Plowing Match updates.

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 DATE  Location
Algoma (St. Joseph)
Aug 20  Hosted by: Gilbertson Enterprises
Contact: Cori Murdock 705-246-0714 corimurdock@gmail.com
Brant Six Nations
Aug 13  Hosted by: Barry Hill. Painter Road (between McBay Rd & Hwy 54), Onondaga.
Contact: Amanda Henderson 519-448-1000 amanda.henderson.001@gmail.com or Donna Telfer 519-442-7445 donatelfer41@gmail.com
Sept 2  Hosted by: Mike Pinkerton & Family. Bruce Rd 15 (1 km east of Tiverton), Kincardine.
Contact: John Gillespie 519-395-5248 jgilles@hurontel.on.ca
Aug 13  Hosted by: Buis Beef Ranch. 7th Line E (Bloomfield and 401), Chatham.
Contact: Carl Sterling 519-352-8365 sterlingrepairsltd@gmail.com or Brian Sterling 519-917-1798 ckplowing@outlook.com
Sept 2 Hosted by: John and Mary Jo Lockie. 13820 Regional Rd 39, Zephyr.
Contact: Jim Ferguson 705-357-3069 jnferg4750@gmail.com or Heather Moore 905-955-5232 hmooremk@gmail.com
Sept 10  Hosted by: Mary Van Roestel. 11260 Springwater Rd, Alymer, Malahide Twp.
Dave Cryderman 519-773-8531
 Aug 6
(rain date Aug 20)
Hosted by: Leo Hayes. 3850 County Rd 17 (south of County Rd 42), Maidstone (in former Sandwich South Twp).
Contact: Lyle Hall 519-776-6053 or Murray McLeod 519-890-4765
Frontenac (County)
Aug 26  Hosted by: Ron Taite. 4297 Perth Road, Inverary (1.5 km north of the village of Inverary)
Contact: Brenden MacKinnon 613-384-2713 bda_mackinnon@sympatico.ca or Martin Oomon 613-583-4761 martyo@kingston.net
Frontenac (Wolfe Island)
Sept 10  Hosted by: Henry and Janine Posthumus. 1227 Reeds Bay Rd, Wolfe Island.
Contact: Janine Posthumus 613-985-5732 janineandhenry@aol.com or Henry Posthumus 613-561-5732 janineandhenry@aol.com
Sept 3 Hosted by: 20946 Conc 9 Rd (County Rd 25), North Lancaster (Glen Norman)
Contact: Ross MacGillivray 613-551-5764 or Rob McDonald 613-613-577-0957 laurrob_farms@hotmail.com
Oct 1  Hosted by: Brad Campbell. 1332 County Rd 2, Maitland.
Contact: Barb Maitland 613-285-1746 613-283-0916 maitlandmeadows@aol.com or Allison Dangerfield 613-989-3488 613-581-7697 herball@bell.net
Grey (Bentinck)
Oct 1  Hosted by: Marion Becker. 421311 Concession 6, Elmwood.
Contact: Rebecca Taylor 519-270-6151 rtaylor5@hotmail.com or Ken Hastie 519-369-2125
Grey (Egremont)
Sept 17 Hosted by: Robert and Kathleen MacRobbie. 104607 Southgate Rd 10, Mount Forest.
Contact: Lloyd Simpson 519-334-3015 bthsimpson@aol.com or Steve Hodges 519-323-2284
Grey (Keppel-Sarawak)
Sept 3  Hosted by: William Craig. 361255 Concession 16, Georgian Bluffs.
Garth Henry 519-270-1779 garthhos@gmail.com, Neil Emery 519-373-6091 emery_185@hotmail.com, or Craig Cameron 519-371-7961 ccameplow@gmail.com
Grey (Normanby) 
Sept 10 Hosted by: Matt & Donna Jacobs. 122020 Concession 8, Ayton.
Contact: Adam Brusso 519-665-2209 brusso500@hotmail.com or Percy Moyer 519-665-7619
Grey (North)
Sept 5  Hosted by: Sam and Jeff Lockhardt. corner of Grey Road 18 (Derry Line) and Grey Road 11, Owen Sound (east of Rockford).
Contact: Keith Davenport 519-371-3030 or Jason Hill 519-375-1116
Oct 15  Hosted by: Matt Richardson. 834 Kohler Rd (corner of Kohler and Indian Line Rd), Fisherville.
Susan Sidenberg 905-765-0772 suesidenberg@yahoo.com
Haldimand (Oneida)
Oct 8  Hosted by: Keith & Nancy McConnachie. 364 Indiana Rd W, Hagersville.
Rachel Vaarkamp 289-880-9582 rmhaney12@hotmail.com
Aug 19  Hosted by: Ted & Alison Brown. 11674 Fifth Line, Limehouse.
Contact: Ian Break 905-601-7175 rdbreak@hotmail.com or Cecil Patterson 905-691-7142
Aug 24 - 25  Hosted by: Angus and Don McKinnon. 2431 Queensborough Rd, Madoc.
Contact: Steve Elsey 613-395-3149 stevessandr42@yahoo.com or Edgar Storms 613-395-5277 stormhaven@ymail.com
Aug 19  Hosted by: Fear Family Farms and Monoway Farms. 84902 Clegg Line, Morris Twp.
Contact: Cecelia Corbett 519-235-0803 c.corbett@hay.net or Neil Vincent 519-357-2336 vinbrofarms@rogers.com
Sept 3  Hosted by: Wayne & Nancy McLachlin. 7327 Courtright Line, Alvinston-Brooke.
Contact: Ken L. Campbell 519-331-2733 or Linda Bryson 519-828-3311
Aug 20  Hosted by: Lois and Brad Cameron. 2677 Scotch Line Rd, Perth (5 minutes south of Perth).
Contact: Barb Dowdall 613-257-1637 barbdowdall@storm.ca
Aug 20  Hosted by: Lappan Family, Fairgrove Farm. 610 Fairfax Rd, Lansdowne.
Contact: Kathi Antione 613-928-2473 mkantoine01@yahoo.ca
Sept 5 Hosted by: The Dale Family. 3722 Wardell Drive, Strathroy.
Contact: Richard Elliott 519-245-6473 rickyelliott@live.com or Donna Elliott 519-245-6473 middlesexplowing@outlook.com
Niagara North (Caistor)
Oct 12 Hosted by: Darren and Laura Wright. 2029 Caistor Centre Rd, Caistor Centre.
Contact: Ross Bush 905-957-3460 rsbush70@gmail.com
Niagara North (Lincoln)
Oct 11  Hosted by: Bruce and Craig Comfort & Family. Across the street from 3610 Spring Creek Rd, Vineland.
Contact: Jessica Marie Black 905-973-4520 jessica.marie.bb@gmail.com or Dan Scott 905-386-1810
Niagara South
Sept 10 Hosted by: Millie & Luke Fraser. 824 Holloway Bay Rd N, Ridgeway.
Contact: Debbie Grimes 905-894-2959 debbg59@vaxxine.com or Marian & Robert Grimes 905-894-0971
  Hosted by: 
Contact: Marie Chambers 519-443-8751 or Pat Ferris 519-443-8818 ferrisdavid120@gmail.com
Oct 8  Hosted by: The Kellogg Farm. James and Ruth Lamb..4161 County Rd 2 (west of the Village of Welcome)
Contact: Allan Carruthers 905-376-5049 carruthersallan@gmail.com
Aug 27 Hosted by: Gib Patterson & Family. 4175 Anderson Rd, Calrsbad Springs.
Contact: Sallie Fish 613-821-1988 or Raymond St. Denis 613-880-2526 raystdenis1@outlook.com
Oxford (Blenheim)
Aug 17 Hosted by: Wayne & Donna Gurney. 747478 Township Rd 5, Drumbo.
Contact: Ruth Fried 519-696-2774 ruth_fried@live.ca
Oxford (County)
Aug 20 Hosted by: Dave Fleming. 455148 45th Line, Woodstock.
Dave Hill 519-539-3486 hillfam2@rogers.com or Donna Wilson 519-462-2430 wilfarm@golden.net
Sept 1  Hosted by: Bill & Doug Dixon. 13720 Creditview Rd, Cheltenham.
Contact: Jessica Stevens 519-400-3160 pdplowmens@gmail.com
Aug 20  Hosted by: Mer & Nancy Schneider. 9399 Perth Rd 157, Palmerston.
Contact: Marg French 519-348-8749 bandmfrench@quadro.net or Bert J. Vorstenbosch 519-348-8761 bnjzev@quadro.net
Oct 1 Hosted by: William Lauchlan. 580 Second Line, Bailieboro.
Contact: Mona Humphries 705-696-2055 or Warren G. Craft 705-932-5047 craftee@nexicom.net
Sept 10 Hosted by: Luc & Diane Roy. 6445 County Rd 14, St-Eugène.
Contact: Glenn Conway 613-674-2808 gcon_way@hotmail.com
Sept 17  Hosted by: Janet and Stephen Edwards. 191 Snake River Rd, Cobden.
Contact: Penny Rochon 613-646-7737 mamarockon01@gmail.com 
Russell (Clarence-Rockland)
Sept 17  Hosted by: Farm Fernand Menard. 2186 Duquette Rd, Clarence Creek.
Contact: Robert Chartrand 613-488-2828
Aug 20 Hosted by: Bryan & Jen Fieldhouse & Family. 3399 Hwy 27, Bradford.
Contact: Barry DeGeer 705-734-5193 deebryan@hotmail.com or Ken O'Brien 705-721-8266 dobrien1711@gmail.com
Oct 8 Hosted by: The Estate of Pat Ambridge. 14630 County Road 43, Finch.
Contact: Jennifer Waldroff 613-346-5472 jwaldroff@xplornet.com or Alyssa Waldroff 613-984-0749 awaldroff05@gmail.com
Sept 30, Oct 1-2  Hosted by: Roger and Donald Presseault. 30210 Wright Creek Line, New Liskeard.
Contact: Roch Loranger 705-647-2731 rloranger@parolink.net or Natalie Breault 705-648-3885 breaultn@hotmail.com
Thunder Bay (Slate River)
Sept 10  Hosted by: Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge. Highway 130 and Piper Rd, Slate River.
Contact: Martin Kloosterhuis 807-707-0975 or Leo Blekkenhorst 807-935-2400
Aug 28  Hosted by: John & Fern DeVos. 75 Skyline Rd, Oakwood.
Contact: Norma Gorrill 705-953-9619 normagorrill@gmail.com
Waterloo (North Dumfries)
Oct 17  Hosted by: Brock and Cathie Moore. 1672 Dumfries Rd, Cambridge. 
Contact: Kate Cressman 519-632-7347 rkcressman@megawire.ca or Harry Humphry 519-632-9597 harvetacres@yahoo.ca
Wellington Aug 18  Hosted by: Rolf & Jenn Deter. Don Inglis Farm. 4584 Wellington Rd 32, Puslinch.
Contact: wellingtonplowmen@gmail.com 
Wentworth (North)
Aug 27 Hosted by: James and Heather Pate. Entrance to Match located on 5th Conc Rd (across the road from 2437 5th Conc Rd), Hamilton.
Contact: Alex McIntyre 519-242-3326 bunkert1947@gmail.com
Wentworth (South)
Oct 14 Hosted by: Doug and Sue Luehmann. 1403 Trinity Rd, Ancaster at NE corner of Butter Rd and Trinity Rd.
Contact: Allan Freeman 905-692-1771 or Sharon Pearce 905-541-3361
Sept 3 Hosted by: John and Mary Jo Lockie. 13820 Regional Road 39, Zephyr.
Contact: Ken Ferguson 905-403-3678 or Linda Jarvis 416-293-8689