2017 Local Branch Plowing Matches               

Please check back regularly for Local Branch Plowing Match updates.

Plowing Competitors - For each Local Branch Match you compete at, you must provide a copy of your insurance certificate that includes the Name of the Insurance Company (not the Broker), the Policy Number, the Expiry Date and verification of the $2 million liability coverage.
(Note: For 2017, it will not be required to list the Ontario Plowmen's Association as an additional insured on your certificate.)

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 DATE  Location
Algoma (St. Joseph)
Aug 19  Hosted by: Tom & Gail Murdock. 2490 Huron Line, Richards Landing.
Contact: Cori Murdock 705-542-2194 corimurdock@gmail.com
Brant Six Nations
Aug 12  Hosted by: Bruce and Sherry Telfer. 647 Watts Pond Rd, Paris (between Hwy 24 A and West River Rd).
Contact: Brent Cochrane 519-442-2723 or Donna Telfer 519-442-7445 or Valerie Stone 519-732-1928 valstone@hotmail.com
Sept 1  Hosted by: Bruce Rd 19 (approx 5 miles north of Walkerton).
Contact: John Gillespie 519-395-5248 jgilles@hurontel.on.ca
Aug 12  Hosted by: Bernie & Ann Marie De Brouwer. 14854 Teetzel Line, Highgate. 
Contact: Stephanie Campbell 519-365-5952 ckplowing@outlook.com  
Aug 26  Hosted by: Ted & Wilma Smith and Graham & Holly Smith. Between 1388 and 1450 on Concession 4 (about 1 mile east of Hwy 12), Sunderland. 
Contact: Jim & Norma Ferguson 705-357-3069 jnferg4750@gmail.com
Sept 9  Hosted by: Andrelea Farms. 40155 Talbot Line, St. Thomas (Talbotville). (Note: New location for Match.)
Dave Cryderman 519-773-8531 lindacryderman@hotmail.com
Aug 5  Hosted by: Colchester Farms. West Side of County Rd 23, between Conc Rd 9 & Conc Rd 10, Essex.
Contact: Lyle Hall 519-776-6053 or Murray McLeod 519-890-4765
Frontenac (County)
Aug 12  Hosted by: Cloverview Farms. Jeff, Richard & Robert Sonneveld. 4440 Milburn Rd, Battersea. 
Contact: Martin Oomen 613-583-4761 martyo@kingston.net or Brenden MacKinnon 613-384-2713 bda_mackinnn@sympatico.ca
Frontenac (Wolfe Island)
Sept 9  Hosted by: Henry & Janine Posthumus. 1227 Reeds Bay Rd, Wolfe Island. 
Contact: Henry Posthumus 613-561-5732 janineandhenry@aol.com  or Janine Posthumus 613-985-5732 janineandhenry@aol.com 
Sept 2  Hosted by: Paul and Linda Vogel. Corner of County Rd 20 & County Rd 25, Apple Hill.
Contact: Ross MacGillivray  613-551-5764  or Linda Vogel 613-528-4045 LBC@xplornet.com
Sept 30  Hosted by: Thomas Liezert. Across the road from 3051 County Rd 22, Cardinal (south of Brouseville).
Contact: Barb Maitland 613-283-0916 maitlandmeadows@aol.com
Grey (Bentinck)
Sept 30  Hosted by: Mark & Kristen Webb and Joe & Tiffany Allen. 174229 Mulock Rd, Elmwood.
Contact: Rebecca Taylor 519-270-6151 rtaylor5@hotmail.com or Ken Hastie 519-369-2125
Grey (Egremont)
Sept 16  Hosted by: George B. Harris. 491372 Southgate 49, Mount Forest.
Contact: Lloyd Simpson 519-334-3015 bthsimpson@aol.com or Steve Hodges 519-323-2284
Grey (Keppel-Sarawak)
Oct 7  Hosted by: Keith Kirk. Corner of Golf Course Rd and Grey County Rd 17a, Owen Sound
 Craig Cameron 519-375-2938 ccameplow@gmail.com
Grey (Normanby) 
Sept 9 Hosted by: Matthews Bros Farms. 232437 Conc 2 Normanby Twp, Durham. 
Contact: Percy Moyer 519-665-7619 or Adam Brusso 519-665-2209
Grey (North)
Sept 4  Hosted by: Lorraine Hiscox Family Farm. 419060 Tom Thompson Lane, Leith (Owen Sound). (Note: New location for Match.)
Contact: Keith Davenport 519-371-3030 or Jason Hill 519-375-1116
Oct 14  Hosted by: Sandra and Marty Quance. 912 Haldimand Rd 17, Cayuga.
Susan Sidenberg 905-765-0772 suesidenberg@yahoo.com
Haldimand (Oneida)
Oct 7  Hosted by: Don Richards. 796 Fourth Line, Caledonia.
Rachel Vaarkamp 289-880-9582 rmhaney12@hotmail.com
Aug 25  Hosted by: Farm of the Ellis Family. 10491 4th Line, Milton.  
Contact: Carl Hadfield 905-467-8993 or Cecil Patterson 905-691-7142
Aug 23-24  Hosted by: Jim & Janet Sandercock. 612 Johnstown Rd, Trenton.
Contact: Janice Storms 613-395-5277 stormhaven@ymail.com or Bill Phillips 613-478-6028 bphillips1089@gmail.com
Aug 18  Hosted by: John & Kathy Gielen. 69881 Babylon Line, South Huron.
Contact: Joan Ryan 519-237-3806 mjryan@hay.net or Neil Vincent 519-357-2336 vinbrofarms@rogers.com
Sept 2  Hosted by: Robert Mater. 1759 McAuslan Rd, Inwood.
Contact: Linda Bryson 519-828-3381 dlbryson@brktel.on.ca
Aug 19  Hosted by: Charlie, Evelyn, Marshal, Sarah & Braelei James. 12501 Highway 7, Carleton Place.
Contact: Barb Dowdall 613-257-1637 barbdowdall@storm.ca
 Aug 19 Hosted by: Mike and Bill Dwyre. 468 Charland Rd, Elgin.
Contact: Kathi Antione 613-928-2473 mkantoine01@yahoo.ca or Scott Pattemore 613-924-1905 opattemore@ripnet.com
Sept 4  Hosted by: Duncrief Farms. Hugh, Anthony & Matthew Aerts & Families. Corner of Nairn Rd and Charlton Drive, Middlesex Centre. 
Contact: Patrick Sanders 519-282-6337 sanderfield@outlook .com or Donna Elliott 519-245-6473 middlesexplowing@outlook.com
Niagara North (Caistor)
Oct 11  Hosted by: Gary Boyko. 9319 Sixteen Rd, Caistor Centre. 
Contact: Ross Bush 905-957-3460 rsbush70@gmail.com
Niagara North (Lincoln)
Oct 10  Hosted by: Bruce Comfort. 4060 Bethesda Rd, Campden.
Contact: Dan Scott 905-386-1810
Niagara South
Sept 9  Hosted by: E. Mildred Fraser. 824 Holloway Bay Rd N, Ridgeway.
Contact: Debbie Grimes  905-894-2959 debbg59@vaxxine.com or Melanie Ker 905-834-8037  melanie.ker@icloud.com
  Hosted by: 
Contact: Marie Chambers 519-443-8751 or Pat Ferris 519-443-8818 ferrisdavid120@gmail.com
Oct 7 Hosted by:  Russell Taylor. 12601 2nd Line, Roseneath.
Contact: Allan Carruthers 905-376-5049 or Janet & Terry Linton 705-924-2791
Aug 25-26  Hosted by: Charles Brophy. Brophy Farm Corp. 4700 Brophy Dr, Richmond. 
Contact: Sharen Armstrong sharenarm@hotmail.com  613-913-0721 or
Linda Payant lgpayant@otmail.com  613-327-9332
Oxford (Blenheim)
Aug 16 Hosted by: Green Alda Farms Inc. 926862 Oxford Rd 8, Bright.
Contact: Ruth Fried 519-696-2774 ruth_fried@live.ca
Oxford (County)
Aug 19 Hosted by: Francis Knoops. 884024 Road 88, Embro.
Don Wilson 519-462-2430 wilfarm@golden.net  or Tony Westbrook 519-468-1110 tojocanada@hotmail.com 
Aug 31  Hosted by: Wrightway Farms. 14520 Innis Lake Rd, Caledon East.
Contact: Jessica Stevens 519-400-3160 pdplowmens@gmail.com
Aug 26  Hosted by: Gary & Maria Urquhart, Urquhart Family Farm. On the north side of Perth Line 6 between Rd 161 and Hwy 23, St. Marys (east of Woodham).
Contact: Sarah Wood 519-272-5525 slittle@alumni.uoguelph.ca or Bert J. Vorstenbosch 519-348-8761 bnjzev@quadro.net
Sept 30  Hosted by: Dalock Farms. Jim & Tracy Dafoe. 806 Belmont 2nd Line, Havlock.
Contact: Warren G. Craft 705-932-5047 craftee@nexicom.net or Mona Humphries 705-696-2055
Sept 9  Hosted by: Marc Bercier. Ferme Agriber Inc. 240 Caledonia St, St-Isidore.
Contact: Glenn Conway 613-674-2808 gcon_way@hotmail.com or Pier-Luc SauvĂ© 613-551-5145 grs@live.ca
Sept 16  Hosted by: Mel & Lynn Langton. 224 Sturgeon Mountain Rd, Beachburg.
Contact: Yves Rochon 613-851-2169 yves.rochon@magellan.aero or Penny Rochon 613-646-7737 kasaboskiruthp@rcdsb.on.ca 
Russell (Clarence-Rockland)
Sept 16  Hosted by: JenrenĂ© Guindon. 140 Butler Rd, Hammond.
Contact: Pierre Joly 613-487-3872 pajoly@rogers.com
Aug 19  Hosted by:  Don Stubbs. Georgian Bay Park. 4230 Crossland Rd, Tiny.
Contact: Barry DeGeer 705-734-5193 deebryan@hotmail.com or Ken O'Brien 705-721-8266 dobrien1711@gmail.com
Slate River
  Hosted by: 
Contact: Martin Kloosterhuis 807-707-0975 or Leo Blekkenhorst 807-935-2400
Oct 7  Hosted by: Casselman Heritage Lane, Patsy Casselman. 14561 County Rd 9, Berwick.
Contact: Jennifer Waldroff 613-346-5472 jwaldroff@xplornet.com or Alyssa Waldroff 613-984-0749 awaldroff05@gmail.com
Sept 29 - 30  Hosted by: Grant Farms. 999021 Hwy 11, Temiskaming Shores.
Contact: Roch Loranger 705-647-2731 rloranger@parolink.net or Natalie Breault 705-648-3885 breaultn@hotmail.com
Aug 27  Hosted by: Keith and Donna Buckley & Family. 1407 Elm Tree Rd, Lindsay.
Contact: Norma Gorrill 705-953-9619 normagorrill@gmail.com
Waterloo (North Dumfries)
Oct 16 Hosted by: Reg and Kate Cressman. 2338 Greenfield Rd, Ayr.
Contact: Doug Roeder 519-632-7833 deroeder46@gmail.com or Kate Cressman 519-632-7347 kcressman@megawire.ca
Wellington Aug 17  Hosted by: Roger & Susan Harrop. 7072 Highway 6, Fergus.
Contact: Doug Jefferson 519-843-1400 dllajeff@gmail.com
Wentworth (North)
Aug 26 Hosted by: Brian Lawson. 993 Concession 4 W, Waterdown.
Contact: Alex McIntyre 519-242-3326 bunkert1947@gmail.com
Wentworth (South)
Oct 13  Hosted by: Don-Mair Farms Ltd. Dale & Marie Smith. 6225 White Church Rd E (entrance on Tyneside Rd), Mount Hope. 
Contact: Wayne Whitwell 905-692-0974 bushviewfarm@hotmail.ca or Sharon Pearce 905-541-3361 sharonelizp@gmail.com 
Sept 2 Hosted by: Robert Armstrong. 7288 19th Avenue, Markham. 
Contact:Linda Jarvis 416-293-8689 or Ken Ferguson 905-403-3678