The 2017 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo (IPM) will be held at Walton, Ontario from September 19th to 23rd.  The IPM is one of the largest outdoor shows to be held in North America.  It is completely held in farmers’ fields----today you will see crops of hay and grain---and in September you will see a Tented City, Plowing Competition Fields, an RV Park and much more.

Because we honour our promises to the host farmers, the land is returned to its original condition when the event is over. To be environmentally responsible, that means that there is no cement or pavement used. Therefore, the streets are strictly laid out within the hay field.

Within the Huron County Local Organizing Committees, a very dedicated “Accessibility Committee” have been working diligently to make IPM 2017 safe and welcoming to all. 

If you have questions, please contact the Accessibility Committee at or
phone IPM 2017 Headquarters at 519-606-2017. 

Two videos about accessiblity have been developed:

Visit the IPM 2017 home page to download the Show Guide, Schedule, Maps and much more! 

Accessible Parking

A special field located along County Road 12 has been reserved for Accessible Parking. You will be required to have an “Accessible Permit” clearly visible for entrance to this parking area. There is an Admission Entrance to Tented City directly from the Accessible Parking area. Please note there will be a Drop Off/Pick Up Zone in the Accessible Parking Field close to the Admission Gate to Tented City. Download the Site Map here.

Schools - All school buses (regular and accessible) and all students will enter/exit at the Education Gate in the Education bus drop off area.


All scooters (personal and rental) are welcome to be used everywhere in Tented City.

‘Med-E-Ox Mobility in Motion’ will have a number of scooters to rent at the IPM.  We encourage you to contact 'Med-E-Ox Mobility in Motion' in advance to avoid disappointment. Reservations will be taken for full days only until September 18 at noon (call  1-800-265-5500, ext 208 or 203). After September 18 (noon), call 519-841-7734 or 519-525-1111 with any inquiries. Half days and hourly rates are based on availability and must be booked onsite. Med-E-Ox Mobility in Motion is located at 6B 17-18 in Tented City. Download the Tented City Map here

You can also contact your local Health Care companies to rent a mobility scooter and bring it to the Match.  

Golf Carts

Visitors with Golf Carts that clearly display a valid Ontario Accessible Parking Permit and provide proof of $2 million liability insurance are only permitted in Tented City. Travel is limited to Service Roads ONLY. 
(ATV’s, UTV’s, modified garden tractors, modified lawn mowers, etc. ARE NOT ALLOWED.)

Accessible Shuttle Wagons

The shuttle wagons are very busy getting all our visitors around so availability may fluctuate.  Several wagons within Tented City have ramps.  Shuttle wagons travel on some Service Roads and Avenues only.  For the safety of all, they are not allowed to travel on the Streets.  There is a waiting area for loading and unloading.An accessible shuttle wagon will travel from Gate 1 (Accessibility Gate) to the Plowing Competition Fields each day at 10:00 a.m. and return sometime before noon.    Additional shuttle wagons will run continuously for the duration of the Plowing Competitions each day.

Accessible Picnic Tables

There will be accessible picnic tables located throughout the IPM.

Universal Accessible Washrooms (UAW)

In addition to the accessible washrooms that can be found at any group of port-a-potties, Universal Accessible Washrooms will be located in four (4) areas of the IPM.  These four private areas will have a hospital bed, a lift (bring your own sling, if possible), an accessible port-a-potty with a transfer board that will open up into the private area to allow visitor support persons to assist if needed.  The four Universal Accessible Washroom locations are near Gate 1 (near the Accessible Parking Field), the Hydro One Education Area (Huron County Avenue and 1st Street), The Family Centre/ Assistance Area (located on 3rd Street) and in the RV Park.

Please note:  There will be a baby change area in The Family Centre/ Assistance Area Tent beside the breastfeeding area; as well as in the Early Years area in the Hydro One Education Centre.

Accessible Viewing Areas

Accessible viewing areas at stages and shows will be clearly marked.  These areas will allow visitors an unobstructed view from a seated position.  There will be support person seating adjacent to these areas.

Sign Language Interpreters

Two Qualified ASL/English Sign Language Interpreters will be available on Tuesday, September 19 and Saturday, September 23 from 9 am to 5 pm. They will be interpreting the Opening Ceremonies at Main stage, and various other events throughout Tented City. If you have any other IPM event requests to be interpreted, please email the Accessibility Committee by August 1st.  

The interpreted events on the Tuesday and Saturday Schedules are highlighted with an asterisk (*). Download the pdfs for Tuesday, September 19 and Saturday, September 23

Pictures for Communication devices and Social Stories

Pictures for Communication devices and Social Stories are available.  Please email the Accessibility Committee and we will send you the pictures.

Charging Stations

Electrical charging stations available at each of the Universal Accessible Washrooms (UAW). The four Universal Accessible Washroom locations are near Gate 1 (near the Accessible Parking Field), the Hydro One Education Area (Huron County Avenue and 1st Street), The Family Centre/ Assistance Area (located on 3rd Street) and in the RV Park. Charging stations will accommodate charging mobility and medical devices.

Support Person/Caregiver Admission

Support person/Caregiver admission will be half price (i.e. $9.00) at this event.  Please contact us at with any questions.

Lost Persons

Lost persons is located in The Family Centre/Assistance Area tent.  

At the Accessibility Gate and any Universal Accessible Washroom (UAW) tent, unique brightly coloured wrist bands will be available for you to "Tag-a-Group" so everyone can stay together.  A contact person's name and number for each group can be written on the wristband to allow IPM volunteers or emergency services to assist people to rejoin their group if separated.

Vision Resources

To request a raised Tented City map outline, please contact us at

Service Animals

Working service animals are permitted.  Service animal rest areas with water bowl will be at The Family Area/Assistance Area tent, as well as at the Universal Accessible Washroom in the Education area.  


In case of emergency, call 911.  Within the Family Centre/Assistance Area tent – there will be St. John’s Ambulance staff as well.

We aim to welcome all people to attend and be involved in the IPM offering accessibility features for all to enjoy the Match independently. 
“Fun, Dignity, Participation" 


Please contact the Accessibility Committee at or phone IPM 2017 Headquarters at 519-606-2017.

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